Why our Artista Gourmet Bottle makes Cents

Glass Breaks…and it’s heavier and it costs more to ship. We thought there had to be a better option but the plastic bottles on the market seemed so cheap and unattractive. So we set out to build a better bottle. We chose a 71 gram weight plastic which means it’s strong and thick and gives the appearance of glass but in a shatterproof way. The result? No cleaning up broken bottles and a flavor that is just as pure as it would be in glass.

Artista Goumet makes plastic look fantastic! Most people mistake it for glass. It’s the beautiful, durable, lightweight bottle filled with our exquisite gourmet syrups…

See, Feel and Taste for yourself . . . the first sip is as good as the last.

71 gram weight. Strong & thick with the appearance of glass

Why our syrups taste better
Beautiful and Smart Packaging and why our plastic bottle makes cents
Our Flavors including Classic and Sugar Free